(82") BEAR

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Hand-carved bear family scene with trees
# Plays three different chimes: Westminster Chime, St. Michael, or Whittington
# Powered by an eight day Kieninger movement
# Dancers revolve on turntable every 15 minutes
# Covered by a two year limited warranty
Product Description
This eight day German grandfather cuckoo clock features wooden hands, a wood dial with Roman numerals. This grandfather clock features a bear family at its base with hand-carved trees rising on each side of the clock and a squirrel in the branches underneath the clock dial. This clock also plays music every fifteen minutes. The dancers revolve on the turntable above the clock dial while the music plays. You can adjust a lever to choose which chime you want the clock to play: Westminster Chime, St. Michael, or Whittington. This clock has a night-shut off switch and silent mode. This clock does not have a moving cuckoo bird or cuckoo sound. It does have a decorative hand-carved bird perched above the dancers.Three weights are suspended beneath the clock dial by three separate brass chains.

The hand-carved pendulum continously swings back and forth which controls the timing of the clock.

This grandfather cuckoo clock is powered by an eight day Kieninger clock movement. It is wound by raising the three weights hanging in front of the pendulum. One weight powers the time and pendulum, one powers the music box, and the other weight powers the dancers.

*Great effort has been made to portray each grandfather cuckoo clock as accurately as possible. As with many handmade items, the exact coloration and carving may vary slightly from clock to clock. We consider this to be a special part of their character.

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  • Model : BEAR
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  • Manufactured by : River City
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